These steps are not required if you are loading files on an empty database (which doesn’t contain teachers, classes/sections and students accounts). However, if your database contains data, this operation must be performed each time you upload new Excel data files.


Make sure to export all your current year data and to print class reports BEFORE performing any of the operations below.


While student data will remain in the database and will still available for district-wide, school-wide and individual reporting until you delete the student account, uploading updated class/section and student lists will modify the student-section/class relationship.  After upload of new classes, students will be assigned to different classes/sections and class reports will not be available anymore for the current year.


  1. To deactivate teachers’ accounts, select the Import option of the Users menu, and click the yellow cross. This will deactivate the accounts and move the teachers in the Deactive tab. If you want to delete teachers’ accounts, open the Deactive tab and click the Red cross.
  2. Delete all classes/sections by clicking the Delete button (Settings menu-Import tab-Import Subgroups section)
  3. Deactivate all student accounts by clicking on the Deactivate button (Settings menu-Import tab-Import Students section). If you wish to permanently delete students accounts (including their test results and personal information), click the Export button, open the exported student list and replace the last name of those who should be removed from the database by the keyword “DELETE” and upload the updated student list


1.       Upload your new assessment calendar

2.       Upload your teachers list

3.       Upload your classes/sections list

4.       Upload your new student list


Deactivation will preserve teachers and student accounts (including test results) but exclude their names from lists and reports.

When an account is deleted, all related tests results and personal information are erased from the database and cannot be used for future reference.