This section will explain how to prepare your files prior to import them into FitStats. Please make sure to prepare your files according to the information presented below or your data may not load properly. 

While data can be imported from Excel files, we strongly recommend the use of the CSV file format as it eliminates many data conversion errors (dates, leading zeros, etc.) that may happen when using Excel files. Your IT department can assist you with the preparation of CSV files.

Tips to avoid the most common data preparation issues

  • Use the templates provided in the Import section if the application to prepare the files for import
  • Make sure multiple classes are separated by semicolon -not a comma - in both staff and student/participant lists
  • Make sure the preset username+password combination students/participants are unique across your entire account. A simple solution is to use individual emails or student IDs as usernames and the same default password for all (example: + student2017).
  • Make sure that all dates, including birth dates are formatted as YYYY-MM-DD.